Network Installation & Support at Satellite Ground Stations

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In August 2007, the Al Yah Satellite Communications Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi government’s strategic investment and development firm, Mubadala Development Company, awarded a contract to a joint Astrium–Thales Alenia Space team to provide a dual (government and commercial) satellite communications system. The Yahsat system comprises two large satellites, Yahsat 1A and Yahsat 1B, to be delivered in orbit, and the associated ground infrastructure. Astrium, the leading partner, is the prime contractor for the ground segment, in charge of the overall system and network management. Yahsat provides customers with innovative solutions for broadcasting services, internet trunking via satellite, corporate data networks and backhauling services to telecom operators. The Yahsat satellites fulfil the satellite communications requirements of both government and commercial customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South West Asia.

In order to deliver this mega program to Yahsat, Astrium teamed up with TEXPO in year 2010 to provide their skilled engineers & technicians to begin the design & installation of complex network system at these Satellite Stations. TEXPO’s skilled resources helped and assist the Astrium team with the infrastructure implementation of the Satellite Ground Station and as well as to install, upgrade & support the active components, small satellite antennas and satellite equipment on various UAE military vehicles & sites. Through the dedication, wealth of knowledge and sharp skills provided by TEXPO, the Satellite Ground Station was successfully developed and the first satellite, Yahsat 1A, was proudly launched into the orbit in April 2011. Precisely one year later, Yatsat 1B was successfully launched as well and is expected to remain in orbit for the next 15 years.

To this date, TEXPO is knee deep and fully involved with Astrium to support and maintain the Satellite Ground Station, and working to install and upgrade the communication equipment.