Border Sentinel System for open borders of any country

Border Sentinel is a supremely effective, electronic system for detecting, identifying, tracking and responding to complex threats along Open Borders of any country. The system performance approaches 100% detection efficiency enabling dramatic improvement in unmanned border protection against insurgents and drones.

Major features of the Border Protection System

  • Self Powered (Renewable Power)
  • Fully Fitted IT System
  • Ground Radar
  • Digital & Thermal Camera
  • Video Tracker
  • Anti-drone capability
  • 2g, 3g & 4g, Cellular Detection & Control Capabilities
  • Remote control
  • Resilient Communications
  • Armoured


  • Modular solution of proven capabilities
  • Standardised capability with flexibility to cope with the harshest environment
  • Transportable by road, air or sea
  • Man portable rapid deployable solution available
  • Known footprint, power & weight sizing
  • Operational planning integration


  • Reduces and prevents casualties
  • Protects your borders
  • Reduce cost and improve effectiveness
  • Eyes and ears from a position of safety
  • Self defending
  • Operationally Deployable vehicle mounted
  • Highly resilient information exchange
  • 3% growth in GDP (DoD study)
  • Front to back situational awareness
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