Command, Control, Intelligence & Surveillance system

In this modern age of protecting the homeland heavily dependent on the operations that is supported by a secure and robust Command, Control, Intelligence & Surveillance system. These system accumulatively gather the data which can be efficiently analyzed and to disseminate an authentic information to the relevant law enforcement or national protection agencies against any enemy attack.

These valuable information can further be used to let these agencies act swiftly on occasion where they require to be mobilize immediately.

Since the Law Enforcement agencies, First Response Units, Military agencies required the audio and video for the intelligence purposes, our solution can empower them to achieve their end results. We provide solutions around the physical security at borders or any kind of physical installation at any mission critical or important deployments. TEXPO can further provide the technical expertise to upgrade any existing system which require enhancing to next level.

  • Border Protection / Security Systems
  • Command & Control System
  • Ruggedized Tablets/ Hardware
  • Tactical Cellular
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