Design & installation of satellite earth stations

TEXPO have a proven records of design and installation of Earth segment of satellite ground stations for Civil and Military communication purposes. n this modern age of protecting the homeland heavily dependent on the operations that is supported by a secure and robust Command, Control, Intelligence & Surveillance system. As Building a Satellite Communication Ground Stations is one of the most challenging and advance form of network infrastructure, TEXPO have well-rounded expertise and knowledge in this domain.

Earth segment of satellite stations for defense & civil communication

Our Defense & Satcom division have been involved in designing and implementation of the complex IT Network for the large scale Satellite Communication Ground Stations in the G.C.C. These earth stations are first IP based satellite ground communication stations where the area of expertise were required to have a full stream knowledge of advance network infrastructure technologies such as but not limited to; Supply & Installation of Satellite Ground Terminals, Flyways terminals, Fixed smalls terminals, Transportable Vehicles, Communication devices on COTPs, Communication devices on Ships, Airborne Stations, Baseband configuration & testing that includes Routers, switches, Firewalls, IPS, Voice System, Inter-site Connectivity between multiple sites, Configuration of major RF devices.

These SATCOM processes quite significant amount of data for the eventual results in regards to the safety, efficiency and accuracy.

Our Defense & Satcom division deliver full functional satcom terminals, fly-away terminals, communication vehicles for surveillance, tactical flyways, C/ KU band antennas to our customers to make them a fully functional facility to control their data communication effectively.

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