Optimal solution for Maritime

TEXPO’s provided solutions are innovative and supported by multiple platform antenna system which comes in variety of configuration bands such as Ku/ Ka. By the virtue of these advance platforms, these solutions have been designed for the optimal accuracy and the performance. Our range of international vendors provides these solution to empower the end users to easily handle their operational applications for current and future needs. In essence they provide the system which is an optimal solution for the communications for maritime platforms.

For the hardest tactical and rugged environment, we provide a fully functional and production ready satellite terminals that covers the entire range of any mission requirements by the military agencies.

These terminals are tool-less and easy to assemble and are used in an easiest manner possible. The tactical satcom are designed to be used in high temperature, shock and variety of harsh kind of environment. Our Defense & Satcom division provides the connectivity for the dynamic environment, sensor processing and maritime communication terminal testing for the satellite environment.

These solutions have been designed to supports Ku, X, Ka and Ka-Bands in one system with extreme reliability and durability. The cost of deploying such solutions are very low compare to other solutions in the market with superior performance & air-time efficiency. These solutions are also helpful in remote connection, problem diagnostics and troubleshooting, and constant monitoring facilities.

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